A plant shoot is the rapid growth stage of a vegetable or herb. In other words, a shoot is a young plant that has grown on average in 12 days. It’s harvested after this time to eat, because it is tender and it contains up to 18x more vitamins and minerals than its mature counterpart.

So plant shoots are small nutritious bombs good for your health that are added to meals on a daily basis.

Yes. Basil shoots will have a more pronounced taste and will be more tender on the palate than a mature basil leaf. Plus, basil shoots will grow in just 25 days.

It’s also the case for all plant shoots.

Novagrow Gardens

Having put 500+ gardens on the market in 2020, we are a Montreal-based company ready to tackle its 2nd manufacturing run. This time, we plan on making 2000+ units that we will ship throughout all of Canada and the US.

As we are a growing company with limited resources, manufacturing, assembling and shipping all of those units will take a certain time.

The Novagrow Gardens are designed and assembled in Montreal, Canada.

1. Nous avons revu le design du jardin Novagrow pour lui donner son allure actuelle.

2. The LED lighting system has been revised and redesigned to optimize plant growth while providing visual comfort for the customer.

3. Nous offrirons une solution de nutriments liquides ce qui facilitera le processus d’ajout de nutriments dans l’eau.

Grow Mats

Yes, all our seeds are organic. They come from places all around the world.

At Novagrow you can order kits containing several grow mats and / or individual grow mats. To complete your order, you must have in your basket a total quantity of 6, 9 or 18 grow mats. Any quantity other than 6, 9 or 18 will not allow you to proceed with your purchase.

Par exemple, si vous achetez un kit personnalisé contenant 6 tapis de pousses, il sera possible de procéder à l’achat. If you ever want to add individual grow mats, you will need a minimum of 3 to reach the next acceptable quantity, which is 9, and so on.

À noter que ces conditions s’appliquent seulement aux tapis de pousses et non aux autres items disponibles sur notre site web.

6 grow mats : 2$

9 grow mats : 3$

18 grow mats : 6$

Yes. Les pousses vont grandir pendant 10-15 jours suivant la phase de germination et développer leurs racines dans le tapis. After harvesting, the mat goes to compost. You can then start a new grow mat.